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Stone Medical, PC

The healthcare professionals of Stone Medical, PC offer their patients comprehensive treatment of illness as well as personalized programs for healthy living and lasting vitality. We emphasize "patient care" rather than "disease care". Our individualized approach to your health focuses on primary prevention and underlying causes rather than symptoms for serious chronic disease through a functional medicine lens.

The emphasis at Stone Medical, P.C. Comprehensive Family Medicine, is early recognition of health issues with early intervention to correct imbalances that can lead to chronic illness. This new way of thinking recognizes the complexities of health and disease in the individual, and provides the evidence-based scientific answers to patients' health care needs. Integration of both the principles of family medicine and functional medicine provide a means to address patients' needs on many levels. Precision in diagnosis using conventional assessment tools (e.g. physical exam, lab, X-ray) with lifestyle interventions (nutrition, exercise, emotional and psychological changes) integrate into a system of comprehensive family medical care.